Analytics Unite 2023

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Please check out the resources below to learn more about how is helping consumer brands move faster to solve supply chain issues with our purpose-built consumer goods analytics platform.

Melissa & Doug: Harnessing Digital Transformation to Achieve Success​

Melissa & Doug uses as a keystone to their digital transformation strategy. The wooden toy brand’s partnership with Alloy helped power their record year.

Seven reasons to choose over building your own solution

Consumer goods brands who are thinking of building their own demand and inventory analytics capability would be wise to consider a purpose-built solution such as is singularly focused on developing a data platform that continuously ingests, harmonizes and maintains data across hundreds of retailer, 3PL, distributor and ERP systems, and consumer goods-specific business logic to give brands the instant insights they need to keep up with changing consumer behavior and supply chain disruptions.

Bosch: 4 Secrets to Success in Retail and Ecommerce

Four takeaways from Alloy’s recent webinar with Matthew Bergum, Director of Power Tools at Bosch Canada, detailing how he drives a more efficient team through automation, and how he’s become a champion for data-driven decision making within Bosch. Technical Overview connects data from all of your retailers, ecommerce, distributors, 3PLs and ERP on a single intuitive platform. Overview

Use to get a single source of actionable insights that helps teams across your business save time, sell more, reduce waste and decrease costs.