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At Alloy, we help brands operate more efficiently based on actual demand. When consumers buy goods like shampoo, chocolate, or headphones, it leaves a trace – sales are tracked and inventory levels change. Our cloud-based platform automatically connects and analyzes this data, which is siloed today across hundreds of channels from e-commerce to stores, suppliers, and 3PLs.

Engineers at Alloy work on enabling end-to-end visibility of the supply chain, from sales and inventory data at the retail level all the way to individual shipments and orders. The real world is complex, and so are our engineering challenges. Our work spans across processing terabytes of data to supply chain modelling challenges and ultimately to building intuitive applications that leave users with clear, actionable insights.

Get to know us

Speaking as a data scientist, the data we have to work with at Alloy and the potential value we can create from it — in-depth descriptive analytics, prediction of demand and shortages, and prescriptive actions — are very exciting.

Amelia Hardjasa Software Engineer

I joined Alloy because it has a good mix of challenging technical problems, a hard-working team, and a great culture. Furthermore, the smaller size of the team allows for more ownership of whatever you’re working on and enables you to deliver quickly.

Gautam Gupta Software Engineer

At startups, especially early stage ones like Alloy, the projects span many areas and you have the opportunity to really shape the direction of the product. It’s really exciting to have such a major impact and know that it probably wouldn’t have happened without you.

Gwylim Ashley Software Engineer

Within Alloy, there is such a vast amount of data that you need to distill into high-level insights for the user; it’s an interesting challenge to build a platform that gives you those key takeaways, but also lets you zoom into the details when needed.

Lasse Holmstedt Head of Engineering

I am really excited about all the challenging technical problems we have at Alloy. We deal with very large and complex data sets, which come with a lot of interesting modeling and performance problems, as well as fun algorithmic challenges that we get to solve.

Michael Hutzli
Michael Hutzli Engineering Team Lead

I try to understand what each person’s goals are, personally and professionally. Then I match them with projects and partners that I feel will push them and give them opportunities to grow in the ways they care about. When someone on my team has a question or problem, I try to give them tools rather than answers.

Evan Goldenberg CTO and Co-Founder

Engineering culture

Alloy is a distributed organization across three sites. As such, our culture relies heavily on open, asynchronous communication. We write tickets with lots of detail, specs and business context on customers – it’s all available for our engineers!

Promoting and taking individual ownership is highly valued at Alloy. Our engineers are not held back by a bureaucratic management structure but operate in a just-in-time mode. We ship fast based on priorities established in the product design stage and conduct in-depth code reviews both within and across teams. We have regular knowledge sharing sessions as well as hackathons, and some of those projects even make it all the way to the product.

Our engineers develop a deep understanding of how the global supply chain works over time, which is thrilling – the next time you see a product on a department store’s shelves, you’ll never think about it the same way! You’ll be thinking about how that product is being sold, how it got there and where it was manufactured.

Careers at Alloy

We are constantly on the lookout for engineering talent. We’d love to hear from you – our open positions in engineering are listed below. Our technical interview process gives you a hands-on glimpse of Alloy – in the course of the interviews, you’ll be building parts of Alloy piece by piece that we’ve also built before. Read Interviewing at Alloy for more info.

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