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Integrate your data ecosystem

  • Continuously ingest POS, orders, shipments, inventory, forecasts and plans with pre-built connectors
  • Unify internal and external systems like ERPs, retailer portals, EDI files, API endpoints, SFTPs and emailed spreadsheets
  • Cleanse and verify the recency and accuracy of data ingested from other systems
Data Ecosystem

Map Information

Map and translate information across partners and your internal systems

  • Translate SKU identifiers, units of measure and other attributes across distribution partners and your internal systems
  • Map locations and location types, shipment lanes, node inventory targets, lead times, and more by SKU
  • Understand the past, present and future by flexibly analyzing your data at any time interval, modeling different fiscal calendars, granularities, forecast versions and more

Guide execution and planning decisions with prioritized alerting, analysis and forecasting

  • Receive real-time and predictive alerts based on calculated or simulated metrics
  • Flexibly analyze potential impacts when making decisions and efficiently perform root cause analyses when needed
  • Deploy the most recent POS and inventory data from retail and e-commerce to continuously re-forecast and adjust plans as soon as purchasing patterns change
Guide execution

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