The secrets to Melissa & Doug's profits and product success

Learn how this leading toy brand is using data to drive profits and product success. Watch the full webinar replay.

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Melissa & Doug

World-renowned toy brand Melissa & Doug is driven by a purpose: to ignite imagination and a sense of wonder in children. Though their signature wooden toys may be low tech, the way they use their data to further that mission is anything but.

Now you can learn the secrets to Melissa & Doug’s success. Watch Dave Henderson, Chief Commercial Officer at Melissa & Doug, discuss the brand’s commercial success in this interactive webinar. Henderson shares how the leading toy brand is using data in Alloy to improve new product launches and the performance of their top SKUs, and how he’s activating the power of data across the organization.

In this webinar you’ll learn how Melissa & Doug is:

  • Driving adoption of a common data intelligence platform at all levels of the organization — from merchandising analyst to CEO
  • Increasing revenue and strengthening customer partnerships with data-driven recommendations
  • Increasing sales velocity and a decreasing out of stocks by taking a data-driven approach to new launches, leading to an

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