A single source of truth for the enterprise

The Alloy data platform powers analytics, forecasting, and planning

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No more time spent collecting data, sharing in Excel spreadsheets, or going back and forth on when and where data is from. The Alloy data platform serves as a single source of truth for cross-functional teams across the organization, including sales, supply chain, operations, and marketing.

The power of automation and artificial intelligence

Data is automatically and securely pulled as soon as it is available, then cleaned, connected, and harmonized for use

  • Algorithms calculate hundreds of derived metrics and audit incoming orders against demand
  • Forecasts are updated in real-time and machine learning self-tunes demand models based on the new data
  • Customizable business logic makes predictive recommendations and triggers notifications for red flags and actionable opportunities
  • Data can be shared with existing systems and best-in-class point solutions or exported in familiar formats for analysis

Tap into the Alloy network

Alloy has established connections into hundreds of downstream partners for real-time access to multiple data types, including POS sell-through, forecasts, and inventory. The engine can also ingest data from EDI feeds, spreadsheets, or internal systems like your ERP, WMS, and TMS.

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Get up and running in days, not months

Implementation requires minimal internal IT resources, and the established Alloy network means you can start receiving data in as little as 24 hours. Within two weeks, you will be finding inventory optimization opportunities, refining forecasts, and bringing detailed insights to customers.

Alloy’s implementation team includes a day-to-day Client Solutions contact, a Client Solutions executive, and a data scientist who not only ensure the technical details are taken care of, but also work to understand your business goals and set up the platform to meet your needs. Users also receive dedicated onboarding and training sessions that set them up for success.


Cloud-based, Software as a Service (SaaS)

Every license includes:

  • Data platform and storage
  • Automatic software updates and enhancements
  • Unlimited user seats
  • Unlimited dashboards
  • Single sign-on (SSO)
  • Dedicated Client Solutions contact: onboarding, user support, and consultative partner

Pricing is based on solution tier and integration requirements. Talk to a Solutions Consultant to configure a plan that fits your business needs.

Why Alloy?

Purpose-built for consumer goods companies

  • A complete view of your business, across retail stores, e-commerce, owned stores, etc.
  • Continuously updated forecasts at the SKU-location level, built using machine learning
  • Proactive recommendations to prevent out-of-stocks, grow sales, and optimize inventory
  • Scalable cloud-based platform and turnkey SaaS implementation with pre-built integrations
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