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Alloy for Supply Chain solution bridges the gap between planning and execution

Supply and Demand Chain Executive - June 2020

The solution not only enables them to identify issues earlier, but also proactively work together to take the right corrective actions—before service levels, out-of-stocks or inventory efficiency are impacted.

Alloy for Supply Chain solution bridges the gap between planning and execution

Globe Newswire - June 2020

End-to-end visibility and real-time alerting coordinates decisions across teams

Drive business performance through leveraging data and analytics throughout the retail value chain


Joel Beal, Co-founder and CEO at Alloy discusses how brands and CPGs drive business value from data and analytics on the entire value chain, from production to consumer demand. We talk about how players across this value chain, retailers, logistics companies, co-packers share data such as inventory levels, sales, shipments, through Alloys' platform, for the benefit of all.

The algorithms big companies use to manage their supply chains don’t work during pandemics

The Verge - April 2020

Even during a pandemic, Walmart’s supply chain managers have to make sure stores and warehouses are stocked with the things customers want and need. COVID-19, though, has thrown off the digital program that helps them predict how many diapers and garden hoses they need to keep on the shelves.

Emerging Startups 2020: Top In Store Retail Tech

Tracxn - April 2020

In Store Retail Tech has over 4.2K+ startups that comprise of companies which provide technology solutions to aide different functions for offline retailers. This includes companies offering services like inventory management, marketing, payments, workforce management and customer engagement.

How to Buy Software in an Emerging Category

TrustRadius - January 2020

Searching for software in a relatively new category is not the same as buying software in a cemented one. For example, there is a ton of information about what the best firewall tools are or loads of tips on how to choose the best marketing automation software. However, there isn’t much about intent data providers and their key differences.

6 Top Data Analytics Startups In Logistics & Supply Chain Management

StartUs Insights - December 2019

We analyzed 181 data analytics startups in logistics & supply chain management. Surgere,, Simfoni, EPG, Carto, and Krunchbox are our 6 picks to watch out for. Learn more in our Global Startup Heat Map!

The 2019 Supply Chain Brief MVP Awards!

Supply Chain Brief - December 2019

Supply Chain Brief brings together the best content from hundreds of industry thought-leaders. These awards will recognize the Most Valuable Posts as judged by our readers, award committee, and our machine intelligence and social media.

Alloy Selected by Valvoline to Enable Demand-Driven Supply Chain

Globe Newswire - November 2019

Valvoline implements leading-edge solution to unlock new insights and opportunities.

Market Map: 85+ Early-Stage Startups Transforming Supply Chain And Logistics

CB Insights - November 2019

Startups that aim to increase transparency and automation in supply chain and logistics processes are gaining traction. While later-stage startups like Flexport, have made headlines for bringing innovation to the notoriously low-tech industry, investments into early-stage startups constitute more than half of all supply chain and logistics startup deals, which are on pace to collectively raise approximately $15B in 2019.

Ferrero USA Selects Supply Chain Management Solution

Path to Purchase IQ - October 2019

Confectionery company Ferrero USA is implementing Alloy’s enterprise supply chain solution.The decision follows a successful pilot program with Alloy, which identified a potential bottom-line impact of 5% or more a year for Ferrero.

Alloy Selected by Ferrero USA for Digital Supply Chain Management

Yahoo! - October 2019

Ferrero USA implements innovative solution for supply chain visibility, insight and action.

Alloy Selected by Ferrero USA for Digital Supply Chain Management

Business Insider - October 2019

Alloy, the modern demand platform for consumer goods brands, today announced Ferrero USA, the confectionery company known in the U.S. for Nutella®️, Ferrero Rocher®️, Kinder® and Tic Tac®️, is implementing Alloy’s enterprise supply chain solution.

Alloy Selected by Ferrero USA for Digital Supply Chain Management

Globe Newswire - October 2019

Ferrero USA implements innovative solution for supply chain visibility, insight and action

Getting Key Insights with Joel Beal

Alcott Global - July 2019

In an episode of our podcast, the CEO and Co-Founder of Alloy talk about the dangers of out-of-stocks and overstock, the importance of getting used to changes quickly, and hiring talent for work in a startup.

32 Fastest Growing Startups in San Francisco–Hiring Now

AngelList - July 2019

The Bay Area is the center of the startup universe. As a job seeker, you shouldn't feel limited to just San Francisco, but you also shouldn't close yourself off to the opportunities it presents. With higher salaries, the biggest concentration of startups, and the presence of most major tech giants, San Francisco is one of—if not the—best cities to build a career in tech.

AI in Supply Chain Management Use Case #1: Alloy

Disruptor Daily - June 2019

This interview is part of our new AI in Supply Chain Management series, where we interview the world's top thought leaders on the front lines of the intersections between AI and supply chain management. In this interview, we speak with Evan Goldenberg, Co-Founder and CTO of Alloy, to understand how his company is using AI to transform supply chains, and what the future of supply chains holds.

The Leading 100

The Lead - May 2019

The break-out tech start-ups innovating across the fashion & retail industry.

Alloy Software Brings Inventory Management into Modern Age

CE Pro - May 2019

Proving that even the smallest details matter, Alloy, a San Francisco-based software company, is showing the manufacturing community the importance of efficient inventory management.

Supply Chain Management Solutions Guide 2019

Rise. Retail Intelligence for the Strategic Enterprise - May 2019

RISE presents a comparison chart of 24 companies providing solutions for various needs within the consumer goods supply chain, including activities related to: Planning (demand forecasting, inventory optimization, etc.) and Execution (warehouse management and transportation management, load optimization, fulfillment, etc.)

The Toy Association Welcomes 55 New Members

The Toy Association - May 2019

The Toy Association proudly welcomes 55 new member companies that joined the Association between January 1, 2019 and April 1, 2019. These organizations join more than 1,000 members, including manufacturers, distributors, retailers, and others, that drive the $28 billion U.S. domestic toy market.

Episode #40: Joel Beal CEO and Co-Founder of Alloy

Leaders in Supply Chain and Logistics - April 2019

Joel is the CEO & Co-Founder of Alloy. Alloy’s platform aggregates and analyzes information from all sources in the supply chain, providing insight and visibility into consumer demand. They can tell you what, when and how much stock you need – so you don’t have to guess.

The New Tools of the Trade

IHG Business Edge - March 2019

How do you define efficiency? For every business, the answer is a little different. A car manufacturer might focus on spending less time refurbishing old equipment and automating processes that don’t require a human touch.

4 Tips For Winning Retailers’ Trust And Confidence With Data

Retail TouchPoints - March 2019

Today’s consumer goods market is crowded, with both well-established players and new disruptors vying for greater customer share.

Readers’ Choice Survey 2019: Supply Chain Planning

Consumer Goods Technology - February 2019

The CGT community’s preferred solution providers for supply chain planning including demand forecasting and inventory optimization.

Readers' Choice Survey 2019: Artificial Intelligence

Consumer Goods Technology - February 2019

The CGT community’s preferred providers of solutions leveraging artificial intelligence/machine learning software and services, either as a stand-alone tool or as an enhanced component of an existing technology.

The Top 5 Things You Need to Know about Supply Chain Management

American Express - February 2019

There's a danger in becoming very excited about technology and forgetting what problem it’s trying to solve, says Joel Beal, CEO of Alloy, a San Francisco software company specializing in predictive analytics and demand forecasting for the supply chain.

Rethinking the Supply Chain: 3 Startup CEOs Talk Data, Dynamics, and the Future

Flexe - February 2019

Alloy, Convoy, and FLEXE discuss supply chain innovations designed to help forward-looking businesses succeed.

Retail Trends 2019: 9 Predictions for the New Year

Shopify - January 2019

“Brands that started out as online-only, direct-to-consumer will continue to expand into physical stores, whether their own standalones or with existing retailers,” says Joel Beal, CEO and co-founder of Alloy.

Consumer Brands Can Now Create Intelligent Demand Forecasts with Alloy

Globe Newswire - January 2019

New capability will help brands create more timely and actionable forecasts using true consumer demand, accelerating response time and increasing profits

Intelligent Demand Forecasts

Material Handling & Logistics - January 2019

Alloy, a demand-driven sales and supply chain platform, has added intelligent demand forecasting to its product offerings.

Interview with Evan Goldenberg, CTO at Alloy

Managers Club - January 2019

What’s your background and how did you get into management? I have a background in Mechatronics Engineering, but I’ve always been drawn to the software side of things. When I graduated from University of Waterloo, I expected to stay in Canada and work on software in the robotics space.

Consulting Logistics - Retail Artificial Intelligence w/ Joel Beal CEO/Co-founder of Alloy

Aborn & Co. - December 2018

Alloy’s CEO & co-founder Joel Beal joins us to discuss the power of retail/inventory analytics and AI, connecting tech with the supply chain, Alloy’s recent $15M venture capital bid, and hear his advice for students and aspiring entrepreneurs!

What Digital Native, Traditional Brands Can Teach Each Other

Consumer Goods Technology - November 2018

Alloy has observed companies at both ends of the spectrum trying to emulate aspects of each other. It can be challenging to shift established mindsets or approaches, but it’s worth the effort.

Alloy Helps Manufacturers Take a Deeper Dive into their Supply Chain

San Francisco Business Times - November 2018

While many manufacturers have operations and sales data at their fingertips, often that information isn’t very helpful, said Alloy CEO and co-founder Joel Beal. Alloy’s product is an open data software platform that allows manufacturers to evaluate and predict customer demand via sales and inventory reporting, real-time demand forecasts, predictive analytics and alerts.

The Essential Landscape of Enterprise AI Companies (2018-2019)

TopBots - October 2018

Enterprise companies comprise a $3.4 trillion market worldwide of which an increasingly larger share is being allocated to artificial intelligence technologies.

Demand Forecasting Mistakes in the Retail Industry

insideBIGDATA - September 2018

In this special guest feature, Aaron Hoffer, Lead Data Scientist for Alloy, discusses common problems he has seen in forecasting processes, and the importance of focusing on “true demand.”

Artificial Intelligence Continues Its Fundraising Tear In 2018

Crunchbase News - August 2018

San Francisco-based has developed a digital supply chain platform that aggregates and analyzes information from all sources in the supply chain and aims to uncover additional revenue opportunities for companies.

Alloy Helps Companies Track Their Products in the Age of Amazon

Wall Street Journal - May 2018

As consumer-product makers juggle multiple retail channels, Alloy has raised $12 million to provide them with more supply chain insights. In the shadow of Amazon, companies are under more pressure than ever to quickly respond to…

Alloy Raises $12 Million To Bring AI To Supply Chain Management

Crunchbase - May 2018

Alloy announced today that it has closed a $12 Million Series A round for its AI-powered supply chain platform. Alloy was co-founded by its CEO Joel Beal with the goal to help companies use data with insights about supply and…

How Trading Partners Can Leverage Data to Improve the Supply Chain

FMI & GMA Trading Partner Alliance - May 2018

In a 2016 Forbes article, data visualization expert Stephen Few said, “Numbers have an important story to tell. They rely on you to give them a clear and convincing voice.” Like written words on a page, data has a way of… Raises $12 Million in Series A Funding led by Menlo Ventures

Global News Wire - May 2018

Intelligent supply-and-demand data and collaboration platform provides insight into product and operational performance. Over $20 trillion worth of goods flow through increasingly complex supply chains each year, yet…

Term Sheet -- Wednesday, May 16

Fortune - May 2018, a digital supply chain platform that connects consumer goods companies directly to end-consumer demand, raised $12 million in Series A funding. Menlo Ventures led the round, and was joined by investors including 8VC…

BRIEF-Alloy.Ai Raises $12 Mln In Series A Funding

Reuters - May 2018 raises $12 million in Series A funding led by Menlo Ventures. Says round brings Alloy’s total venture funding to $15.3 million…

Intelligent supply-and-demand data and collaboration platform provides insight into product and operational performance

American Journal of Transportation - May 2018, a digital supply chain platform that connects consumer goods companies directly to end-consumer demand, announced today the company has closed $12 million in Series A funding led by Menlo Ventures, with participation… Raises $12M in Series A Funding

FinSMEs - May 2018, a San Francisco, CA-based digital supply chain platform that connects consumer goods companies directly to end-consumer demand, closed $12m in Series A funding. The round, which brings total venture funding to $15.3m…