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Trends move quickly in consumer electronics. To keep up with demand, accurate and up-to-date sales & inventory analysis is invaluable – if you can take advantage of the insights while there’s still time.

Adapt faster with Alloy.

Automated data integration gives sales and supply chain teams access to the latest POS data as soon as it’s available. Easy-to-use analytics mean you quickly get to a recommendation and action.

See what consumers are buying, down to the store and day level, to manage in-store execution. Then just as easily aggregate sell-though at a product, region or channel level for value-add insights that extend beyond any single retailer. Monitor how your newest product launch or store promotion is performing and quickly make adjustments to maximize sales or minimize losses.

Challenge How Alloy helps
Every lost sale hurts.
Each time a consumer doesn't make a purchase because your product isn't available on the shelf or online, you're losing real revenue.
Alloy projects lost sales, identifying specific SKU-location combinations that are likely to have insufficient inventory to meet demand. More than just an out-of-stock %, our derived metric uses dollar terms to quantify the cost to your business given demand trends. Correctly prioritize needs and more easily convince retailers to make changes, whether it's ordering more or adjusting replenishment.
Product life cycles are short.
Technology advances quickly and drives “old” products into obsoletion, making the success of new product launches critical.
Manage new product introductions with a real-time view into point-of-sale and inventory. You can easily identify specific stores without the product and work with retailer operations to ensure it's available at launch. If a product is selling better or worse than expected, know right away so you can start responding sooner.
Consumers shop how they want.
Online, in-store, buy online pick-up in store - the growing number of options add complexity and make it hard to keep up with demand.
Alloy provides a single picture of your business. It integrates and harmonizes data across all your retailers, e-commerce channels, direct to consumer sales and owned stores, so you can see all your demand in one place. Quickly spot trends across retailers, dig deeper by fulfillment channel, product or region, and identify insights to improve performance of weaker partners while expanding success with strong ones.
Margins shrink quickly.
As competition increases and drives prices down, you need to ensure your marketing and trade investments are paying off.
Leverage a test and learn approach to measure the impact of events like promotions, store displays, retail trainings and regional campaigns. Alloy Experiments makes it easy for anyone to compare performance between "test" and "control" groups, even before an event is over, to know if it should be cut short or expanded. Especially in a changing retail environment, it's the best way to learn what now works or doesn't work.
Demand is uneven.
Based on local demographics, sales vary from store-to-store, but retailer orders and replenishment may not take that into account.
Alloy sends proactive alerts when sales vary significantly from forecast, when products go out-of-stock, when Weeks of Supply run low - all down to the store level. Combined with visibility into channel inventory, orders and shipments, you can determine how product should be distributed and provide actionable recommendations to retailers to better align inventory at each store to local demand patterns.
Lead times are long.
It takes many months for an item to go from manufacturing to store shelf, requiring early and accurate forecasting and planning.
Create forecasts based on the latest point-of-sale data. Alloy for Demand Planning uses the best demand signal and takes into account events and retailer inventory levels to produce more accurate and precise plans on a weekly basis. When you can make adjustments earlier, you can reduce last minute firefighting and unnecessary costs.

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