Overview for SupplyPike Customers

The data platform was built for data from across the consumer goods supply chain. Break down silos that separate your data, systems and teams with a unified architecture that integrates, harmonizes and enriches data from your partners and internal systems.

Sense. Respond. Predict. is an actionable insights platform purpose-built for consumer goods brands, with deep expertise in Walmart Retail Link data. The majority of our customers sell through Walmart, and lean on for daily SKU-store level insights so they can quickly sense problems, respond in seconds instead of days, and predict issues their competitors won’t see coming.

End-to-end visibility

In addition to Walmart, helps brands continuously harmonize data from across their retailer and e-commerce footprint, to provide a holistic view of daily SKU-store level POS and inventory data in a single place. can further connect this data to supply chain data from brands’ ERP and other internal systems for a complete view of demand and inventory positions.

Visual representation of how Alloy connect with third-party systems through APIs

Purpose-built for consumer goods brands solely services consumer goods companies, giving us a deep understanding of our customers’ data sources across their partner and internal network. Our customers span industry verticals such as Food & Bev, Consumer Electronics, Toys & Hobbies, Beauty & Wellness, Home Goods and more.

A sampling of the data sources we integrate with can be filtered down by Industry, Partner Type or Channel.

A Seamless Transition from SupplyPike to

Rest assured that the key reports and insights for which you rely on SupplyPike are also available to you in
SupplyPike Dashboard/Use Case
Sales Summary / Monday Morning ReportPOS Sales Trends (Walmart template available)
Demo Video: Executive Summary
Performance ReportPOS Sales Trends (Walmart template available)
Replenishment DashboardWalmart Replenishment Report (template available)
Help Center Article: Out-of-stock detection
Demo Video: OOS
Product OverviewWalmart Product Overview (template available)
Supplier ScorecardWalmart Supplier Scorecard (template available)

Many customers take advantage of the following capabilities as well:

Walmart GRS & Supply Plan forecast monitoring & analysis
Test & Learn: A/B tests (promo analysis, end-cap/display evaluation)
Geographic analysis
Cross-Retailer analysis
Phantom inventory detection
Store-Specific Orders
Configurable alerts
Internal product master mapping*
* Professional Services required

Automatic admission to Insighters

Becoming an customer also means you join the Insighters community. We host monthly Insighters discussions focused on topics crowdsourced by our users, where they come together to share insights and gain wisdom from a community of fellow consumer goods professionals.

Implementation Process & Timeline

SupplyPike Onboarding Process

Getting Started with

Step 1

Attend an Intro for SupplyPike Customers webinar to learn about, see a demo and ask your questions

Step 2

Speak with an Solutions Expert to discuss your specific needs

Step 3

Sign a contract inclusive of a free trial period