Why the chaos? Exposing the gap between planning and execution

Feel like your supply chain can never get ahead? Stuck in an endless loop of emergencies, each one addressed by countless hours on the phone and email? Locate the root problem: the gap between supply chain plan and reality.

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Download the white paper to discover why most consumer goods manufacturers:

  • Have a handle on current metrics like inventory, but can’t predict problems days or weeks in advance
  • Get surprised by out-of-stocks, last minute orders and expiring inventory – and pay the price in OTIF fines, expediting fees, markdowns and customer relationships
  • Execute a weeks-old plan, but lack mechanisms to adjust when reality deviates from it
  • Struggle with siloed data and systems that prevent the collaboration necessary to solve complex problems

Did you know?

In response to supply chain risks, companies are implementing a variety of tactics... Unfortunately, though, many approaches are doomed to failure because they only digitize the firefighting or face problems when it comes time to actually implement or scale.

Purpose-built for consumer goods brands

  • Ferrero
  • Facebook
  • Cricut

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