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At Alloy, we work with consumer goods companies that make the products we eat, wear, and use every day, as well as the ones we occasionally splurge on. We’re tackling a real and complex problem for them—managing supply and demand in the face of constantly changing customer behavior, highly complex supply chain networks, 40-year-old data standards and labor-intensive manual processes.

Alloy is a fast-growing, well-funded startup with expanding offices across the world. Our team hails from successful startups, leading tech companies and Fortune 100 enterprises.

We encourage people of all backgrounds to apply. Alloy is committed to creating an inclusive culture, and we celebrate diversity of all kinds.

Our values


Focus on what matters

  • Reevaluate priorities as necessary to pick the work that will have the highest impact to the customer and business.
  • Work hard in a way that is sustainable. Choose the schedule that lets you achieve your best. Measure results, not hours.
  • Respect your time and that of others; come prepared and leave with commitments.



Take ownership

  • Take initiative by proactively identifying opportunities or issues and tackling them.
  • Strive for excellence. Hold yourself and your colleagues to a high standard. Create something that makes you proud.
  • Follow through on our commitments to customers, users and each other.
  • We are all doers, regardless of role — no task is beneath you.


Iterate to excellence

  • Prefer action over perfection to learn quickly from early feedback.
  • Be flexible and accept the need to make tradeoffs and change directions. Everything is a work in progress, nothing is done.
  • Question prevailing assumptions, but understand them first. Gather evidence and champion ideas that will make our products and our company better. Verify and validate.

Fist bump 

Have each other’s backs

  • When interacting with each other, always assume good intentions. Trust each other and take risks together.
  • Give praise generously and take joy in others’ accomplishments.
  • Grow a diverse team by actively seeking different backgrounds and cultivating an inclusive culture. Focus on how others’ strengths complement us, rather than how their weaknesses invalidate them.

Communicate openly and respectfully


  • Offer and expect transparency to build trust.
  • Confirm mutual understanding, especially in the face of disagreement.
  • Treat each other with respect. Criticize constructively — the work, not the person.


Benefits highlights

  • Flexible leave, with a culture focused on output, not hours worked
  • Equity compensation
  • Competitive health insurance
  • Parental leave
  • Professional development budget
  • Travel budget
  • Social events


Current openings

If you don’t see the perfect fit, send us a message at and let us know how you can best contribute.


Engineering at Alloy

Our software helps make products available where and when they are most needed, and behind that technology is people. Our engineering teams tackle complex, rewarding problems, and have a real impact on the world. We think you’d love it here.

To learn more about what kind of engineering challenges we’ve tackled in the past and who we are, check out our Engineering page.

Meet our team

Speaking as a data scientist, the data we have to work with at Alloy and the potential value we can create from it — in-depth descriptive analytics, prediction of demand and shortages, and prescriptive actions — are very exciting.

Amelia Hardjasa Software Engineer

One of our core values at Alloy sums up the culture - have each other's backs. Whether it’s within the sales org or across the business, we are all rooting for each other’s successes and wins. That sense of camaraderie and collectively working together to hit our goals makes for a fun and welcoming work environment.

Eric Engebretsen Account Executive

That supportive culture has really made Alloy a great place to work. Whilst the work itself has been fast-paced and at times demanding, it’s manageable because of the awesome and unwaveringly helpful team that I’m surrounded by.

Abby Carruthers Client Solutions Engagement Manager